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> It's interesting that bands that lean toward pop, folk or other softer
> sounds aren't always considered real rock these days.  I used to think
> they were just subgenres like hard-rock, folk-rock, pop-rock, etc.,
> but maybe people don't classify them that any more?  What made the
> difference?  The punk sound?  Alternative?

"folk rock" hasn't been seriously uttered since the 60's. ha.  I don't know 
what changed it really, and frankly, I don't really care about those things. 
yeah, I might mention certain bands as "hard rock" or whatever, but in the end, 
even I know, music is music, don't matter what it is. I like everything from 
marilyn manson to the who to John denver to dean martin to beethoven. with the 
exception of Journey, foreigner and styx and maybe air supply, but that's just 
me. lol.  rock n' roll seems to be a more personal thing to those who love it 
and eat it up like I do. "hard rock", "punk rock" whatever.   I for one don't 
see how it could be transferred to "super mario brothers" hence the video 
game stuff, not to mention its heavy use in TV ads. but that's something else 

remember when punk and hard rock rebelled against all that corperate mumbo 
jumbo?  when "the who sell out" was a joke title? ; )

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