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> So The Beatles are no longer #1?  They've been displaced by Led
> Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and The Who?

keep in mind, I don't take these lists seriously. just thought the who got a 
mention somewhere, it needs to be heard/read on here.  I think they mean like, 
HARD rock bands. like Jack black in "school of rock", "bands that 
ROCK.....Led zeppelin!" that kind of mentality.  with the exception of a few things on 
"the white album" and "abbey road", I don't think the beatles are considered a 
"hard rock" outfit. the stones are "rock" no matter where you put them, the 
beatles have been considered more a "pop" band than "rock", although in my view, 
as far as bands in general are concerned, the beatles rank above them all.   
don't you hate labels? I do. 

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