Who's waiting for a script? Daltrey

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>From Los Angeles Times: 

Who's waiting for a script? Daltrey 
Geoff Boucher, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer 

Is there a big enough movie to tell the tale of Keith Moon? 

Rock singer Roger Daltrey hoped to produce a feature film about Moon, his late friend and fellow member of the Who, but after years of searching can't find a screenplay that matches the robust and reckless life of the iconic drummer. 

"The trick is you have to find a script that is really worth shooting, I wish more filmmakers waited until they found one before they started shooting," Daltrey said this week while in town promoting the new documentary "Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who." 

Moon died of a prescription drug overdose at age 32 in 1978, two weeks after the release of the classic "Who's Next" album. He was an outsized personality in rock and almost as famous for his hotel-room rampages as his drumming prowess. 

Early this year, Daltrey and his partners in the film announced that Mike Myers of "Austin Powers" fame had been tapped to take on the title role in a film entitled "See Me Feel Me (Keith Moon Naked For Pleasure,)" scheduled for 2009. At the time, Daltrey praised the comedic actor. "Mike is a genius. I can really see him as Keith." Daltrey said the project had moved forward little, though, because most scripts were too pedestrian in their approach. 

"Please don't call it a biopic," Daltrey said this week. "For 15 years I've been trying to avoid that word. It's not worth doing if it's a biopic." 

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