Amazing Journey

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Wed Nov 14 12:21:59 CST 2007

>Amazing Journey 
>>>Oooo, that reminded me of one of the most profound statements by Pete
AJ regarding Kenney.
When Pete ran out of lead and turned to Keith to take over, he realized
it was Kenney and that he *couldn't* take over for him.
I'd never heard him put it that way, or admit to that.
It fits right in with his other statements of not being able to pull the
full load of The Who.<<>
>Chris Stamp, not Pete, said this.

Hmmm.  I could have sworn both of them said it.
Must have been distracted by my very conservative dad's displeasure with
any mention of drug use.
That, ended up leading to a "discussion" about Woodstock and the new
60's museum there, and how bad Woodstock was because his understanding
of it was that "you could smell the drugs and smoke from the next
My reply was something like..."it was 3 days of peace and love, with no
incidents of violence, while at this very moment in downtown Burlington
there are I'm sure over 2-300 people getting drunk with a fight assured
to break out somewhere."

Born in 1965 but still fighting the same fight the generation before me

Kevin in VT

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