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Mon Nov 12 09:27:34 CST 2007


>>Chicago 79
I'll get to it.
Not the most pressing item on my agenda, at the moment.<<

For my money, it's worth the price of admission. Despite the tragedy
of earlier in that week, the band still played very very well. And by all
appearances, Pete remains sober throughout. I don't think that can be said
of his performances on parts of the rest of this tour. To wit, the 12/15/79 show
in New Haven...Pete sounds clearly stoned: "It's very weird being so close to
you." And he seems totally out of it in their performance of HOW CAN YOU DO IT.

>>Actually, I don't even consider Chicago 79...*Bonus* Best Buy Disc
anything more than a morsel intended to motivate the Who-nuts paying
attention to go to Best Buy.  I don't consider it part of the AJ

As you wish. Still, it sounds as though that's the package you bought.



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