Amazing Journey

Scott Schrade schrade at
Sat Nov 10 15:48:25 CST 2007

> All adding to the fact that, for me, it's simply a HUGE let-down.  

Wow, that's rough.  It's only a partial let-down for me.  As I've
said, it felt too rushed at times, & some aspects of the Who's
history got the short shrift.

But the clip of "I'm Free" from the '69 London Coliseum show
(which is on the WBWB video/DVD, I remembered) made me
think that maybe that footage *is* too dark for a full release.
A shame.  I'd watch it, though.   ;-)

I showed AJ to my good friend Curt & he loved it.  Thought it
was really well done.  He was impressed by the people inter-
viewed & the rare clips & pictures.

I've talked to several other people who were impressed with it
also.  My flippin' *mom* even liked it!

Which, I guess, is evidence that it's very appealing to the non-Who 
freak audience.  Maybe not so much with the Who freaks.

But this new website really gives me hope that we're gonna start
seeing some "gems from the vaults" being made available.  The
band now has great way to reach out to the fans & offer us some 
goodies....& make a few bucks while they're at it.

Chin up, Who Freaks! 

- SCHRADE in Akron

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