Amazing Journey

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 Kevin, re

 >This was clearly crafted for the non-Who-nut in mind. 

 Then how do you explain the inclusion of the Chicago 79 material?



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> >Benn Kempster whoboy
>>Amazing Journey
>>>The Smothers Brothers footage, for
>>>instance, looked less natural than it does on The Kids Are Alright.
>>All adding to the fact that, for me, it's simply a HUGE let-down.  A 
>>wonderful viewing experience for anyone that knows little or nothing about 
>>the band, but for >anyone even remotely "involved", it adds very little to 
>>the cannon other than a few seconds of rare footage here and there.....
> While I won't go so far to say it is a HUGE let-down for me, I hear what 
> you're saying.
> This was clearly crafted for the non-Who-nut in mind.  I've been thinking 
> about why they have Noel G. in there, and it's apparent that he is the 
> "next" generation's salesman for The Who.  He does a good job selling The 
> Who to his followers.  It's all about expanding your fan base.  This DVD 
> will go a long way in that regard.
> I haven't gotten back yet to the six Quick Ones, and will not do that 
> until I see the movie properly from the wide-screen....without 
> the commercial interruptions that were on VH1 classic.  Plus, there will 
> be no editing of the "fucking" adjectives!
> After that, I'll finish the Quick Ones, and then.....ONLY THEN!....will I 
> go and view the railway footage.....'in the name of all things holy.' (I 
> laughed out loud at that).
> Keeping the best for last!
>>"This is a fucking rock and roll concert not a fucking tea party - 
>>RIGHT!" - PT - 10.12.1971
> Kevin in VT 

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