Murray Lerner NOT at Fault

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Who is they,Bruce? Yeah and I agree with your comments on a Behind the
Music type of film.This seems to be the consensus of most.
A stand-alone release of of Kilburn would sooth the wounds.
I do like the new film and there are some good clips in there
especially WAY from Kilburn.Now that is a prick tease if
there ever was :)
>>> _bkawak at charter.net_ (mailto:bkawak at  
>>>>Didn't they say Kilburn would be a standalone release sooner than later 
the Toronto premiere?<<<<<

I think Murray was highjacked by the VH1 gang.  The powers that be probably 
thought it was taking too long with too much effort and money.  They just 
wanted anything out regardless of quality.  Just slap together a Behind the 
Music or Legends program and be done with it.  What they ended up with could 
have been done start to finish in 6-8 months<<<<<

> Hello all-
> I taked to Murray Lerner by phone at his NYC  office.
> I obtained his number by doing a google search.
> He says that he wanted London Coliseum 69 or
> Kilburn 77 to be the bonus disc and has no idea
> why Ben Holden of Spitfire Pix did not go with
> those despite his(Murray) vote for them.  I am
> awaiting Ben Holden's phone call to see if there
> is a future release in the cards for those.
> Mike S

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