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Jim M nakedi at
Fri Nov 9 15:12:36 CST 2007

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> > While I won't go so far to say it is a HUGE let-down for me, I hear what
> > you're saying.
> > This was clearly crafted for the non-Who-nut in mind.

Right, but the disappointment wouldn't be there if Murray hadn't set
expactations so high by asking for all this unseen footage, then promising
there would be *two* complete Moon era shows thrown in!  Look on the bright
side, at least there weren't dramatizations using actors!

> > I haven't gotten back yet to the six Quick Ones, and will not do that
> > until I see the movie properly from the wide-screen....without
> > the commercial interruptions that were on VH1 classic.  Plus, there will
> > be no editing of the "fucking" adjectives!

I needed a Quick One before heading out to work this morning and watched the
RGLB recording session.  Pretty interesting to get a glimpse of how the band
collaborates and nice to see them all in the studio together.  May it happen

> > After that, I'll finish the Quick Ones, and then.....ONLY THEN!....will
> > go and view the railway footage.....'in the name of all things holy.' (I
> > laughed out loud at that).

Not watching Chicago any time soon, then?

Jim M

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