Amazing Journey

Jim M nakedi at
Thu Nov 8 15:39:44 CST 2007

---- Original Message ----- From: "Benn Kempster"
> >From the "Popgala" TV show in Holland filmed 10.03.1973 - "Magic Bus" on
the WBWB release and "My Generation" on the 30 Years release are from the
same show and its also widely available on the 4Reel boot release from last

Thanks, Benn.  I've got that DVD (Voorberg, right?), but haven't watched it
in full.  The Amazing Journey footage looked different, enhanced somehow.
Probably something they did to try to improve picture quality.  The sound
was curious, too, with a strange effect on Pete's guitar.

Actually, there were a couple of parts in the movie where I felt they had
done some processing to footage.  The Smothers Brothers footage, for
instance, looked less natural than it does on The Kids Are Alright.

Jim M

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