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I've seen that HD version of the 2004 IOW concert several times on MTV's HD channel.  When they first started showing it it was something like an hour and a half but with only three Who songs (MG, WAY, and WGFA, I think) even though the TV listing said that it was a Who show (and it seems like Comcast always incorrectly listed it as the 1970 IOW concert including Tommy).  The rest of the hour and a half was of other bands at the IOW Festival (and some were very good).  Lately they seem to have cut it down to just 30 minutes with the same three songs and interviews of Roger and other artists talking about The Who.
  Seeing them in HD is interesting.  You can see lots of detail in the instruments, and even pick out individual whiskers on Roger's face, for example (Sara would like this!).  And the sound is good depending on your sound system.

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> the 2004 (was it 2004?) isle of wight performance has been shown very
> here in america in HD. still is I think.

I've only seen the version of this that is 30 minutes of The Who and 30
minutes of David Bowie. Have they aired more of The Who's set? I think the
Roundhouse show is one of the best I've seen from the 2006 tour, but I've
only seen the standard def PAL version from Longliverock.

Jim M

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