more on AJ from yours truly

Mon Nov 5 06:40:12 CST 2007

I forgot to mention that while watching AJ on television a few nights ago, I 
couldn't help but compare it to the beatles' anthology. there were alot of 
tricks in AJ that may have been inspired by it. like the early photo in which 
they take certain members out of it and put others in. the "anthology" did the 
same thing. and that scene in which the "quick one" cover comes to life, they 
did variations of that effect in the "anthology" as well. I guess in a way, 
"amazing Journey" is the who equivalent to what the beatles' anthology was, with 
the exception that AJ, for some stupid reason or another, needed a narrator in 
certain spots. and the anthology was like, 8 hours long while AJ was, 
tragically, only two. 

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