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> I never said he was an idiot. So I guess because I've listened to the Who 
> for over 25 years, since I was in my teens, I should quit now? That seems to 
> me to be your logic.

um, that's not what I said. maybe that's your point?  if not, what I actually 
said was if you were in a band like the who since you were in your late 
teens, early 20's like roger has, and you're in your 60's now, y know, you might 
feel embarrassed by the stuff you did then. especially since his voice these 
days dosen't sound the way it did on those pre-tommy albums. even then, but 
that's something different. ha.  so, that could be a good reason why he dosen't 
listen to it. that'd be mine anyway. 

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