short but sweet AJ review

Sun Nov 4 17:11:05 CST 2007

caught it the other night on MHD. alot better than I expected it to be. there 
were a few tidbits I didn't know believe it or not, like entwistle's name 
changes in the early days, and some of the stuff I did know already was given a 
bit more detail which is nice.  surprisngly well done. the footage, the 
animation, etc. (the "quick one" cover coming to life. classic! ha) 

I'm not one for writing great reviews either, but I never did like those 
professional reviewers anyway, so screw it! ; )

PS: why the hate on roger? that he dosen't like his band and because of it 
he's an idiot?  please. I'm sure if I was in the who, I probably wouldn't wanna 
listen to it either. y know, if it's you on there, you get embarrassed, 
especially if you're in your 60's and the album came out when you were in your early 
20's or late teens. 

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