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Pete mentions he has a few ideas about the future. They have toured playing 
Tommy and Quadrophenia in its entirety. Am I the only one who thinks Sell 
Out (a la Pete's Psychoderelict tour or Roger Waters Radio KAOS tour) would 
be a great concept show with a lot of possibility?

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>Kurt loder has a big piece on The Who for
>He also has new Townshend interview snippets. Here they are:
>...Then, a few years ago, a retired Dutch TV producer found a can of film 
>in his attic labeled "High Numbers," which contained the footage of the 
>band doing the two songs cited above. He contacted the Who, the film was 
>given an expert digital clean-up, and now here it is. Quite a story.
>"It is great, isn't it?" Pete Townshend said in a recent e-mail exchange 
>with MTV News. He noted, however, that he was only peripherally involved in 
>creating the two-hour documentary that makes up the first disc of "Amazing 
>Journey." The heavy lifting for the project was done by its producers, 
>longtime Who manager Bill Curbishley and filmmakers Robert Rosenberg and 
>Nigel Sinclair. "I run the Who film archive," Townshend said, "and they've 
>been knocking at my door asking for stuff for the last five years. I was 
>not involved in production."...
>...Investigative journalist Duncan Campbell reported that the famed 
>guitarist had been "falsely accused" and that the site he had accessed 
>actually had no direct connection to child porn. Via e-mail recently, 
>Townshend said, "Some journalists think they have the copyright on the word 
>'research.' I think of myself as a journalist, always have."...
>...Townshend said that he and Daltrey "will continue to try to fly the Who 
>brand flag. We feel comfortable with it, [and] we have a few ideas for the 
>future." He said he still enjoys touring, in limited amounts, and still 
>finds satisfaction in songwriting. "I am really enjoying writing songs that 
>touch on getting older," he wrote, "and trying to honour what has lately 
>been christened the 'Greatest Generation' (the one that came before the 
>Boomers) in my music."
>He also feels that his celebrated guitar skills are still evolving. "I've 
>enjoyed being a musician lately," he said. "I look and see that sometimes 
>I've played something new, almost like a jazz player. Notes, rather than 
>pyrotechnics or damage. I've felt more like a journeyman, going from show 
>to show, trying to play well and not get in the way."
>-Brian in Atlanta
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