The Amazing Journey

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Sun Nov 4 08:03:14 CST 2007

>The Amazing Journey
>I'm terrible at writing reviews.

<cought> bullshit.

>I was struck by overhearing a lady on the plane-ride talking about the city
>of Pontiac Mi. to another passenger and then pausing to describe it  as 
>low-class people come from.  I introduced myself to her.

I'm proud of you, Jon.
I wouldn't have let that slide either.
Did you ask her what it's like being "high-class", and why they hell she 
wasn't up in first class?

>I saw the movie with Cynthia from this here list. She likes the  Who for 
>of the same reasons that I do.  You know, all the guitar  smashing and F

Mmmmmm, nothing like a woman who likes guitar smashing and F-bombs!

>Not to mention how well the Who transforms Pete's  demos from weak,
>meaningless piffle into powerful, magnificently balanced  epics. (ducking)

Good thing you ducked, because something else would have struck you!
That's ok, I know you didn't mean that (weak?  meaningless?  piffle?  What 
the hell does piffle mean anyway??).

> It  included Cincinnati,  the deaths of John and Keith as well  as Pete's 
> rough time in '03.
>Tears came more than once.

I was surprised (but shouldn't have been) at how sad the whole story is when 
you see it unfolded like it is in AJ.  I teared up several times.  Even my 
wife cried during the movie, and even afterwards while we were digesting.

>Kenney was in it.

Not sure I would have recognized him!

>I particularly enjoyed the interviews of both Pete and Roger.

Agreed.  I wish there were more of John and then also of Keith.

>"I can't believe Pete  said that Roger
>is 'ONLY the singer' *again*." as if they can't put it into the  context of
>what he was talking about at that moment.

I had the unique pleasure of watching last night with my parents who are up 
My dad too offense to that same quote above.  I had to 
bass player in the drummer in the of the few 
greatest writers and guitarists in the world....and then...Roger.  At the 
time of the story...early in the Who's career.....Roger was "being left 
behind."  And, it was true.
Later, with Tommy, he came into his own, and Pete made it a very careful 
point to emphasize that and how those were the glorious years.  All 
cylinders pumping.  It's truth.  Some can't handle that, and need bubble gum 
all the time.
But, I'll tell you, that Railroad footage < ! >  Wow!  Roger rocks...even 
back then.  At that point, *he* was the man, and Pete was a novice 
guitarists.  It all fluctuated.
I can't wait to watch the full DVD of that footage (once the rents leave).

>Pete made me laugh so hard when he talked about asking grandparents about
>how the Germans could do what they did during WWII.  He is  hilarious. 
>Even his
>joking is deep.

That statement was incredibly profound to me.  My grandparents (German) 
would never talk about it.  I was stunned to hear that folks in the UK would 
have the same reaction (not wanting to talk about it).
We hear how that generation is called the "greatest generation", but they 
have to deal with the fact that it included one of the greatest failings of 

>Pretend it didn't
>happen. 'Turn it up' louder than your heart can  speak.  Woo!

Oh, you speak the *TRUTH*, my brotha from anotha...motha!

> I believe that the deep, personal  losses they suffered had much to
>do with this.

This has been a tortured band.
Pete and Roger have been through so much.
To see it laid out chronologically like that made a big impact.

>As Cynthia wisely said in our conversation, Pete and  Roger balance one
>another.  Passion and reason.

Who is which?

>Afterwards, in times square we saw a lot of signs.  So many that I  can't
>remember what any of them said.  I guess they need to make them  bigger.

Yeah, you suck at these reviews.
I feel the same way in Times Square...or Piccadilly Circus....
VT has a "no-billboard" law throughout the state.
It works.
The head doesn't spin (even if the hair still thins).

>In summary, I wasn't floored by this movie because, like you, I know  much 
>the history already. But you're really gonna like this movie.

I liked it.  Granted, it was the "f-bomb edited" version on VH1 (done 
purposely due to parents being there).
It struck me as a bit...ummm....mayhem-ish?  Like the movie could have used 
some Riddlin.
But, that kind of fits, doesn't it?

>It's about our band.

Let 'them' roll their eyes.
Let 'them' give those looks.
I couldn't think of a better band to be devoted to.  It feels so good in so 
many different and meaningful ways.
I'm a proud Who-nut.
As expected, my dad didn't get it.  Too loud....too angry.
As Stu in Md would say, "good, the world still makes sense."
I'd be worried if he *did* get it!

>And the Railway footage has sound!

Man, that stuff kicked some butt!
I would have been there from day one..........ummm.......had I been born and 
able to get there on my own.

Kevin in VT
P.S.  Nice review. 

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