Amazing Journey DVD details (spoiler alert)

Sat Nov 3 18:56:13 CDT 2007

1. "thirty years of maximum r&b" isn't on DVD anymore. unless you go on ebay 
or zshop, it isn't obtainable. saying "it's a shame" would be quite the 
understatement. would "who's better who's best" be another good choice? 
2. I believe steve martin said that quote that was credited to frank zappa, 
although I could be wrong there. 
3. "no direction home bob dylan" was over 3 hours long and dealt with the 
early part of dylan's career. there's a tom petty and the heartbreakers doc 
coming out that's 4 hours long. couldn't the who recieve this kind of treatment?  I 
can imagine how long that upcoming doc on the stones will be. 

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