Amazing Journey DVD details (spoiler alert)

Bruce bkawak at
Sat Nov 3 13:22:34 CDT 2007

> Only 7 minutes of footage from the Railway Hotel? Damnation! And if the 
> remaining footage has no sound, I thought the "Marquee 1964" tape had been 
> proven to be the soundtrack from the Railway film, so surely they could've 
> synced it up?

It's not clear (though everyone says it is) that the well known audio 
bootleg and this film are the same show.  Or if it is the same show, if the 
audio source is the same.  Someone described the DVD audio as having Pete 
not that loud with Keith very loud.  The boot is fairly even with Pete up 

> Grrr... Is anybody else of the opinion that the meat and potatoes of any 
> music DVD should be what the band/artist is known for, ie. music and 
> footage of them playing it live, and that interviews should be the bonus 
> extras? Do I really need Noel Gallagher telling me ABOUT The Who? Surely 
> the best thing is to SHOW US THE WHO? Complete performances, not chopped 
> up clips. Endless talking heads are the bane of modern documentaries. 
> That's why The Kids Are Alright scores high - minimal clips, maximum 
> music.
> As Frank Zappa said "Talking about music is like dancing about 
> architecture".
> Paul

Yes, but it has been known for months that there would be no complete songs 
on the first disc. No one should really be surprised here.  It's done 
strictly as a VH1 (the director does VH1 Behind the Music shows) style 
documentary  for "Who for Beginners."  It is not for diehard fans, it's for 
the people who have a basic or little knowledge of the band.  Think of it as 
Cliff Notes of the story of The Who.  If you want the real deal get TKAA and 
the 30 Yrs Max R&B DVDs.


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