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> From Contact Music:
> ROGER DALTREY's failing eyesight has ended the rocker's trademark 
> microphone-swinging stage antics. The Who frontman worries he'll look foolish if her 
> hurls a microphone into the air and then loses it in the lights. And, after 
> almost blinding Gary Glitter during rehearsals for The Who's Quadrophenia shows 
> in London a decade ago - when he hit him with a stray mic - Daltrey has 
> decided to retire his famous stage technique. He says, "I got very good at it. I 
> could probably have taken a cigarette out of someone's mouth (swinging the 
> microphone). "I wouldn't dare try it now, because I can't see it anymore. I 
> throw it and from then on I'm thinking, `Where's it gone?' and hopefully it'll 
> come back somewhere where I might be able to catch it."

contact music is usually an unreliable source. case in point, when they 
mention roger hitting gary glitter with the mic, almost blinding him, when we all 
know it was the other way around. 

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