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I'm terrible at writing reviews.  I'll tell a couple things  that struck me 
I was struck by overhearing a lady on the plane-ride talking about the city  
of Pontiac Mi. to another passenger and then pausing to describe it  as  where 
low-class people come from.  I introduced myself to her.

I saw the movie with Cynthia from this here list. She likes the  Who for many 
of the same reasons that I do.  You know, all the guitar  smashing and F 
words. Not to mention how well the Who transforms Pete's  demos from weak, 
meaningless piffle into powerful, magnificently balanced  epics. (ducking)

Before the movie began, Roger was there doing interviews.  I kind of  yelled 
"You're the man" but I don't think he heard me.  He would've  responded if he 
The movie was great to watch;  a good companion to TKAA.  It  included 
Cincinnati,  the deaths of John and Keith as well  as Pete's rough time in '03. 
Tears came more than once.  
Kenney was in it.
I particularly enjoyed the interviews of both Pete and Roger. I could  just 
listen to them talk.  What they say, they mean and IMO it doesn't  really 
matter much what we say about it because it's what they experienced  personally.  I 
say this because of many pissy comments I heard walking out  of the theater 
like: "We waited 2 years for this!?" and "I can't believe Pete  said that Roger 
is 'ONLY the singer' *again*." as if they can't put it into the  context of 
what he was talking about at that moment.  Pete said so many  good things about 
Roger and Roger about Pete. They truly love and respect one  another. But 
they should think what we tell them to!
Pay attention to what Roger says about Pete's writing of ICE. Roger may  just 
be the singer but he ain't no joke.
Pete made me laugh so hard when he talked about asking grandparents about  
how the Germans could do what they did during WWII.  He is  hilarious.  Even his 
joking is deep.  The point came  alive to me when I discussed it with Cynthia 
afterward.  I understood  that Pete was saying that society would rather not 
talk about the  obvious.   The rubble around us and within us all testifies  
that humanity has been viciously and purposely attacked.    Pretend it didn't 
happen. 'Turn it up' louder than your heart can  speak.  Woo!
On a lighter note, amongst other things, Roger talked afterward about  
Michael Jackson and his fans.  Roger is such a normal dude. On this  journey I was 
amazed by that.
I guess what impressed me the most is how Pete and Roger were at the  
epicenter of the rock world from it's most tumultuous period until  today, 
experiencing such massive popularity and success, yet emerging so  relatively normal.  
So humble.  I believe that the deep, personal  losses they suffered had much to 
do with this.
Chris Stamp said that Pete could have written pop songs to help break  
through in the US, that was so hard to do with their sound.  But  they were 
determined to do it with *Who* songs.  And they did.  
(Thanks to New York.  And Detroit.)  
As Cynthia wisely said in our conversation, Pete and  Roger balance one 
another.  Passion and reason.  -We get to have  both. Not to mention craziness and 
steady musicianship.
Afterwards, in times square we saw a lot of signs.  So many that I  can't 
remember what any of them said.  I guess they need to make them  bigger.  
In summary, I wasn't floored by this movie because, like you, I know  much of 
the history already. But you're really gonna like this movie.  
It's about our band.  And the Railway footage has sound!
Jon in Mi.

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