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Uh....none?   ;-)    So, my question would be....why did Murray invite
him to the premier if he wasn't allowed to use any of this guy's stuff?
Curious, isn't it?

Murray Lerner made it clear early on that he does not
pay for footage but accepts donations.I am speculatiing
but I have a feeling the Railway Hotel footage that Roger
purchased may have come from the doctor(who's name
I will not post publicly)at a high price.My guess is that
Murray and his cohorts turned down the other gems 
because they were just too damn expensive.The photo
stills of Houston 71 was posted on
very early by the owner and then taken off.My brother
was able to snag a few.I've attached them here.

Is that London Odeon '79 show Kampuchea?
Yes indeed,complete and in it's entirety :(

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