BB bonus disc problem

Bruce bkawak at
Thu Nov 1 15:25:10 CDT 2007

The below is from someone who got a copy yesterday.  As we all know it was shot on videotape.


I quickly scanned through the Chicago disc.  I've never seen any other version of this footage, but it looks obviously like it was shot on video tape originally.  For this DVD, the tape was put through that process that makes it look like film stock, and I'm not sure it really needed to have that done, nor does it look as good as most modern concert discs that use this technique.  The disc itself is bare bones, with no song selection menu (which would have been helpful), just a "play" selection, and an "audio" selection.  As I scanned through, it looks like there's no "My Generation" or "Won't Get Fooled Again" on the disc, unless all of the songs aren't indexed individually and I missed them.  I'll try to give it a closer look tonight, and see exactly which songs are included.

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