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O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Thu May 31 12:46:03 CDT 2007

>Denise Purcell
>MRF Pictures
>While taking my dogs to the groomer this morning, I heard a DJ say  
>that he put up some pics from the '71 Mississippi River Festival the  
>night I met The Who.  I was surprised to see that the last picture  
>has me in it. I'm the girl with her back towards the camera holding  
>the rail!

Hey Denise,
Nice hip-huggers!
I was too young then to appreciate them, but I do now! ;-)
Isn't it great to stumble across photos like that?
But man, to suddenly find a photo from over 35 years ago!
Print it!  Frame it!
I have two similar types of photos that I've framed....
One is from the A Day in The Garden festival in '98 of Pete from the
back of the stage and you can clearly see me and my buddy Stu laughing
and cheering in the 3rd row right at the end of Pete's guitar neck.  The
photo appeared in High Times soon after the show, along with a nice
The second was again of Stu and me, and this time was from last years
Virgin+ Festival.  Again, of Pete from the back of the stage, with again
me and Stu laughing and cheering.  That photo is still up on picture for Virgin Festival in Sept. of '06.  Look for
the black gentleman to the left of Pete with backwards black baseball
cap, and hand in the air giving Pino props.  I'm farther to Pete's left
looking very intently (must have been having a "better focus hard or
you'll not remember" moment) in a black baseball cap.

Ahhhhhh, the memories.
Kevin in VT

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