Electric atmosphere as The Who rock Peel

Dereck Evans delbut98 at yahoo.com
Thu May 31 09:35:15 CDT 2007

<<<<<<<<<<<They had the audience with them all the way
and the electric atmosphere 
soon had those in the front half of the giant marquee
out of their 
seats. >>>>>>>>>>>

Well, not quite.

It was electric but would have been more so if the
health & safety fascists hadn't poked their nose in
where it wasn't due.

Security said: NO-ONE is to stand or dance (sic) (did
they mean that dancing sitting down was also banned?

>From the start, the local council/fire service made it
plainly obvious that until they were happy, there was
no show. They removed complete lines of seats so they
could get more room between the ones that remained,
and plonked them on the ends of other rows. Some i
know, who had 5th row centre tics were placed several
rows back and to the side. Apart from the that, the
crowd were well up for it and more than a handfull
were told to sit down. The place didn't rebel until My
Generation, when there was a rush to stand, fill the
ailes, dance and generally be fucking raucus. It was
heaven. Just like the old days of concert-going. 

The band were steaming and particulary Pete. Rog's
voice was spot on for the most of it. Dont know what
happened for him to cancel Jools Holland's show, but
he seemed ok last night. Different set to Birmingham.
Mini-opera gone. RGLB and Substitute back in. TKAA was
the first song of the encore (full band) One of the
biggest crowd pleasers was YBYB. I'm sure there was
another song that was different but guess what? Yup,
cant remember. Lack of guiness meant i had to drink
Lager and i wasn't ready for it. 

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