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> Actually, I believe it's always been John that needed the money, and Roger
> is much more conservative in his habits, well able to live within his
> income.  However, I also think both Roger and Pete have recently woken to
> the fact that other artists like The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Elton
> John, etc. have made a huge fortune and invested it wisely so they're not
> dependent on royalties from old CDs.  Won't Pete's copyrights on the oldest
> Who songs expire soon?  Roger was campaigning a while back to get them
> extended.

well, John has passed on, so if that's true, they could easily just stop 
touring.  bowie hasn't toured since 2004. maybe that infamous investment he made a 
long time ago made him not wanna tour as much?   and pete's copyrights won't 
be the only ones to expire, so hopefully, with mccartney and many others on 
the bandwagon besides roger (one wonders why pete hasn't been complaining 
publicly about this. I don't recall him doing so. once again, roger speaking on 
pete's behalf a la howard stern?), let's hope a government does something good for 
a change. 

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