NY Post on The Boy Who Heard Music

FlashGordon rgordon1276 at gmail.com
Wed May 30 10:16:05 CDT 2007

> >* We can all remember when Pete has said
> *>* "no."
> *>*
> *
> ??  refresh my memory.

>From about 1982 to 1995 when he started getting the Quad show together.  I
believe Roger also said no at first to the Quad show/tour, but they worked
that out.

Actually, I believe it's always been John that needed the money, and Roger
is much more conservative in his habits, well able to live within his
income.  However, I also think both Roger and Pete have recently woken to
the fact that other artists like The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Elton
John, etc. have made a huge fortune and invested it wisely so they're not
dependent on royalties from old CDs.  Won't Pete's copyrights on the oldest
Who songs expire soon?  Roger was campaigning a while back to get them

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