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Jim M nakedi at
Sat May 26 09:36:50 CDT 2007

The Longliverock folks have added a fan forum to their site.  Here are the details.  

Jim M

May 25, 2007

Long Live Rock launches Goldhawk Club Forum!

LLR is proud to announce our new Goldhawk Club Forum!  We have organized the forum into 3 main categories: Join Together, Long Live Rock and Getting In Tune.  

Join Together is a group of 3 forums for fans to chat about anything related to the members of The Who and In The Attic, which includes a forum for general discussion, a forum to submit reviews you have written, and a forum to post articles, interviews, and banter transcription from Who concerts.

Long Live Rock is a group of 3 forums that are related to, which includes a forum to find out about updates to the site, a forum to make suggestions for features you would like to see added to the site, and a forum to ask technical questions regarding the site or the bit torrent technology.

Getting In Tune is a group of 3 forums for fans to chat about Who related collectibles, which includes a forum for all things audio, a forum for all things video, and a forum for any other kind of collectible items and official merchandise.

The goal of the Goldhawk Club forum is to not only stimulate lively discussion on a variety of topics, but also to create the ultimate Who Fan Portal that will organize and archive important information submitted by fans that can be easily accessed in one location.

Please be sure to take a minute and read our forum rules.  We don't have many, but it is important that everyone follow these in order to maintain a peaceful and happy community.

It is up to the members of Long Live Rock to make this forum a success, so we would like to encourage everyone to participate and contribute as often as you can!

Long Live Rock!!!

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