Who fans warned of tickets rip off

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Who fans warned of tickets rip off 

Bosses at Liberty Stadium, Swansea, today warned Who fans to buy their tickets for for next Friday's (June 1) eagerly awaited gig through official channels after tickets for the concert were found on sale online for almost three times the price.

Tickets for the first ever gig at the £27million venue are still on sale priced from £40 to £55 but searches on the Internet have revealed sites selling them for between £80 and £117 each.

Andrew Davies, Liberty Stadium General Manager, said:

"It seems to be the case with every major event these days that there are people looking to cash in and make a quick buck out of it, but I would like to reassure anyone who wants to attend Friday's concert that has yet to buy a ticket, that they are still available to buy from official outlets. There is no need for anyone to get ripped off paying over the odds for their tickets, it is as simple as that.

"I would urge concert goers not to buy from unscrupulous sellers. At present, The Who at Liberty Stadium is not a sell-out, so anyone looking to attend the gig on Friday evening will be able to purchase tickets from the various official outlets without any difficulty.

"Given that demand is expected to rise in the final week leading up to the concert, we have taken a number of steps to make it easy as possible for fans to get their hands on tickets, including opening the Ticket Office here at the stadium between 10.00am and 4.00pm on Bank Holiday Monday, whilst we have agreed with a number of additional venues that they will be able to sell tickets to the public. There really is no need for anyone to pay some of the ridiculous prices that are being quoted on the Internet."

Tickets for Friday's concert remain available to buy in person at the Liberty Stadium Ticket Office and Derricks Records in the city centre, via the ticket hotline on 08700 400 004, or online at www.liberty-stadium.com, www.seetickets.com or www.ticketmaster.co.uk, whilst visitors to the City and County of Swansea Show at Singleton Park over the Bank Holiday will have the chance to buy tickets from a mobile sales unit that will be operating throughout the two day event. 

In addition, music fans are now able to pick up a ticket when enjoying a quiet pint at a number of popular city centre venues, including The Hanbury, The Office, Monkey and the Cross Keys.

Rock icons Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend return to Swansea 31 years after their legendary "Who Put The Boot In?" Vetch Field concert, which was part of a UK-wide tour of football stadiums by The Who. 

The gig was the last paid for concert in the UK featuring drummer Keith Moon before his death, aged 32, in September 1978. The gig is now commonly regarded as one of The Who's greatest ever gigs, and bootleg copies of the concert are widely available across the Internet and through record dealers to this day. 

The Who are joined on the bill by 90s indie favourites The Charlatans, and Killing For Company, the new band put together by ex Stereophonics drummer Stuart Cable.

Andrew Davies said: "Everyone here at the stadium is gearing up towards what I'm sure will be a memorable occasion, and a round the clock operation will swing into action on Monday morning to transform the venue into a concert arena. 

"It was always part of our business plan to host concerts in the summer months here, and I believe that The Who gig will confirm the Liberty Stadium's standing as a first class concert venue in the eyes of the music world."

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