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> Hi Guys and gals. Sorry, i'm not one to carry a pen
> and paper to write the set lists down as they happen
> and i can never remember the correct running order
> etc, but last night at Birmingham there were some
> changes to recent set lists. Not huge differences but
> different to the last time i saw them last summer. 

>From Longliverock..

Set List
I Can't Explain 
The Seeker 
The Real Me 
Who Are You 
Behind Blue Eyes 
Sound Round 
Pick Up The Peace 
Endless Wire 
We Got A Hit 
They Made My Dreams Come True 
Mirror Door 
Baba O' Riley 
Eminence Front 
Man In The Purple Dress 
My Generation / Cry If You Want
Won't Get Fooled Again  
Pinball Wizard 
Amazing Journey 
See Me Feel Me 
Listening To You 
Tea and Theatre 

> Relay was in after ICE and The Seeker.
> Also in were, The real me and 5:15 

These seem to be the norm now.

> and accoustic drowned. 

Ahhh it *is* acoustic.  I was wondering.  Thanks.

> Mike Post was in 

Longliverock needs a correction, then.

> Sorry for the lack of more detail but my mind is like
> a sieve. 

Don't strain yourself!  DOH!

Jim M

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