Dereck Evans delbut98 at
Wed May 23 12:58:50 CDT 2007

 Is it too much to ask that The Who have five
> songs prepared for the tour? is.

Hi Guys and gals. Sorry, i'm not one to carry a pen
and paper to write the set lists down as they happen
and i can never remember the correct running order
etc, but last night at Birmingham there were some
changes to recent set lists. Not huge differences but
different to the last time i saw them last summer. 

Out last night -Substitute and Anyway anyhow anywhere

Relay was in after ICE and The Seeker.

Also in were, The real me and 5:15 and accoustic
drowned. Mike Post was in and the mini opera from Wire
& Glass oh, and Emminence Front was back as was Man in
a purple dress. All in all, the rest is as expected.
Pete started off on fire but seemed to me to lack
energy half-way through. He looked tired to me. Hope
he's ok. Verbally, there was a lot of banter about
being old and not having -but not not needed strett
cred (was reported that they are playing to younger
crowds to regain some street cred in a paper here) 

Also, Rog mentioned the Zimmers version of MG and said
how cool it was. Pete's face was a picture (not happy)
he then mentioned that 9paraphrasing) " It's what? Not
for me, they're not paying me for it!" Was a bit of
banter between Rog and Pete about hoping they would
have enough money to live in a retirment home, to
which Pete replied, " but i'll have my own private
one." " I already have the nurse." 

All in all, a tidy gig but the crowd were fucking
awful until half-way through when the got into it a
bit more.

Sorry for the lack of more detail but my mind is like
a sieve. 

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