ITA Season 1 Episode 2 DVD on sale at LLR!

Carrie Pratt carriepr at
Mon May 21 13:19:48 CDT 2007

Hi Jim,

These are exactly as they aired originally, completely unedited.  The quality is of course much, much better than the low resolution web streams.  I produced the DVDs directly from the master DVCAM tapes that Rachel sent to me.  Watching these DVDs on the big TV screen with excellent video/audio is a whole different experience than watching the webstreams too.  It's like having Pete and Rachel over to visit you in your living room!

All of these shows are very long.  Most of them are well over 2 hours!  While Pete doesn't play any songs in this particular episode, he is still in it quite a bit, and it's always fascinating to hear him chat about music and various other subjects.  This series is a must have for all Pete Townshend fans, for sure!


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  > Here are the details for ITA Episode 2:

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  Hi Carrie,

  I'm curious.  Are these the ITA episodes exactly as they "aired" first time, 
  or is there extra material.  I didn't think they were as long as this.

  Jim M 

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