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Mon May 21 12:55:45 CDT 2007

"LLR *was* played at Mansfield, MA in '04.  I was there.  NE wasn't played
all that much in Europe last year, either.  Probably more than it was in the
US, though, I'll admit.

> Where was LAFK played in '04? NYC? I know ICSFM was in Boston #1.

LAFK '04 was also Mansfield, MA."

Jim M

I stand corrected, Jim.  However, this illustrates exactly why I am so frustrated by the setlists.  They pull out LLR and LAFK at the same show, and don't vary at all in the other U.S. shows.  I actually had no problem with the 2004 setlists, as it was a mini-tour and we at least got the two new tracks (RGLB and ORW), plus Punk and the Godfather.  My problem is a full 40+ date tour with practically no setlist variance AT ALL.  Is it too much to ask that The Who have five additional songs prepared for the tour?  Songs like YBYB, EF, AAA, Subst, RGLB are expendable in any set, and could be rotated with NE, LLR, anything from Quad, YMB, etc, etc.
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