Boston 2004

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<Well, if you had a sign for Pete, you had a lot better seats than I did!  Do
you have the Encore CD of that show?  It's far better sounding than the
other Encore CDs I have.  It could pretty much be issued as a commercial
release as is.  I think all the 2004s were like that.  At one point you can
hear a guy screaming "Happy Birthday Mother F*&^er" to Pete!>

We were in the third row!  Good point about the Encore CD.  I've got others, but not that show!  (Adding to the list of things to do this afternoon!)

> WAY, Baba O, ICE, LLR, BBE, 5:15, Punk & GodF, LRO'M, Emin Frt, YBYB,
> RGLB, Substitute, LAFK, Magic Bus, My Gen, TKAA, ORW,
> WGFA....."exstranumre!": PW, AZ/Sparks, See Me/LTY

<A few different songs...some shake up in the order of the set.  Why can't
they do that all the time???>

"Oooohh, I wish I knew.....I wish I knew."

> Ahh, the memories.  Thanks for the reminder.

<You're welcome.  Say, did I meet you & your husband at Boston II in 2006?
Kevin would have introduced us.>

You sure did, at the Harp.  Hopefully, we'll meet again for the next show! : )


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