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To the height of the legend
The Who gives the stature in Barakaldo before than
12,000 people, supported more in a great repertoire
that it includes to them by right in the club of

The Who offered yesterday in Barakaldo - the same day
in which his founding guitarist, Pete Townshend,
fulfilled 62 years the third concert of his new
European tour. They arrived with the land paid by the
good sensations that left in his tour of the last
year, first with new songs - those of its last work,
"Endless Wire" - that in almost a quarter of the
century offered the last mythical band of the sixty,
which never it had acted to this side of the Pyrenees

The group British, or better what it is of it, is an
historical band who never was very popular by these
lares, reason why conserve a certain dawn of set for
initiates. In spite of everything, and although the
past summer they got to suspend their performance in
Barcelona, they were able to summon to more than
12,000 people, with followers of long-haul arrived
from all the Cantabrian cornice.

Fierce of wrinkled skin

Townshend, the legendary guitarist, went to the
faithfuls when presenting/displaying "Who Are You" to
say "already you know to them who we are". He knew
myself of the good vibrations of his previous Spanish
skittles, but there were desire to corroborate if
these two gentlemen, who together add more than 120
years and that of a time to this part had been
dedicated to extramusical questions like solidarity,
the Literature or the young of silk worms, were to the
height of a legend.

It was necessary to verify if its present profile is
the one of the professionals who make profitable their
fierce past or the one of of skin wrinkled able to
transfer to these times something of that generational
fury that allowed them to compete with the greatest
British bands and that in 1970 made specific that
"Live AT Leeds", one of best discs live ever recorded.

Saving the distances and the erosion of the time, The
Who passes the examination, supported in a great
repertoire that gives arguments to those who locate to
them in the exclusive club of greatest. Roger Daltrey
and Pete Townsend protest as protagonism is natural
but they count on the effective endorsement that, in
background, contributes to accomplices like the
keyboard veteran John "Rabbit" Bundrick, the bassist
Pino Palladino, the drummer and son of Ringo Starr,
Zak Starkey, or the second guitar of the smaller
brother of Pete, Simon Townshend.

Between the anecdotes, the one of Pete Townshend,
which he committed the recklessness to go away to see
the Chelsea gain the FA Cup, which caused frustration
between his companions, but whom his return did not
prevent to begin with British punctuality attacking,
as always, his first simple one, "I Can't explain".
With a putting in sober scene, but acctractive with
the suggestive projections, the group was shelling its
unbeatable collection of classic ("The Seeker",
"Substitute", "Behind blue eyes".) With a Daltrey
adapting their vocal tone and knowledgeable of which I
publish them demand, included subjects, some hearing
aid, of their mythical film "Quadrophenia". With the
personnel already given, they initiated the final
traca of you encore with "Kids Are allright",
"Amaizing journey" and the film songs "Pinball Wizard"
and "See me, feel me". As Daltrey in the inner lines
of "Endless Wire" says, "The Who is now two and for me
still it works".
-Brian in Atlanta
The Who This Month!

-Brian in Atlanta
The Who This Month!
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