ITA Season 1 Episode 2 DVD on sale at LLR!

Carrie Pratt carriepr at
Sat May 19 12:05:19 CDT 2007

To celebrate Pete's birthday today, I have just put a high quality DVD of In The Attic Season One Episode Two up for sale at  This one is worth watching just to see Pete cuddling his Yorkshire Terrier Wistle!  There are lot's of great music and videos to watch too, and this one features a rare performance of Rachel Fuller's beautiful song "12 Lies".

Please help support the artists featured on this DVD and the administration of LLR, and go purchase the DVD today!

Here are the details for ITA Episode 2:

In The Attic 
Season One Episode Two
Webcast Live on 28th September 2005
Oceanic Studios

Rachel Fuller
Mikey Cuthbert
Pete Townshend

Track Listing:

01 - Opening Credits
02 - Introduction (Rachel Fuller and Mikey Cuthbert)
03 - Torture (Mikey Cuthbert and Rachel Fuller)
04 - Picture behind the piano (Rachel Fuller)
05 - Video: Spin (Rachel Fuller)
06 - Tourist (Mikey Cuthbert)
07 - Shine (Rachel Fuller)
08 - Video: Cigarettes and Housework (Rachel Fuller at Poetry Olympics)
09 - Pete joins the Attic
10 - 12 Lies (Rachel Fuller)
11 - End Credits

Duration: 01:42:51

Price: $10.00 USD

Brought to you by: Long Live Rock Music Downloads

The DVD of ITA Episode One, that features Pete performing "Heart To Hang Onto", is also still available.



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