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They returned to do it 
The Who

Interpreters: Roger Daltrey (voice, guitar, harmonica), Pete Townshend (guitar), Zak Starkey (drums), Simon Townshend (guitar, vocals), Pino Palladino (bass) and John Bundrick (keyboards). Place: Palacio de Deportes de Madrid. Date: 17 of May.


There were less people, but the intensity was repeated. Almost a year after their previous visit - that in addition was the first in the history of the group, The Who returned to the place where, according to its words, they had the best evening on its tour. So nothing else to begin in 2007 the renewal of their concerts, wanted to repeat experience.

It is clear that here Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey go well. And that in spite of the technical problems that were on the verge of watering down the celebration. In half of the song “Who Are You”, whose magnificent interpretation was making fly to the presents, the musicians remained without speech and sound, before the amazement of all. That lasted ten minutes of indecision, after which she appeared Pete again for, enraged, to do a few of those windmills with the hand which they are mark of the house. In other times there was broken the guitar, the loudspeakers and the head of somebody. By the way, one either did not forget to give some that another jump of which also him they have made famous.

With ages that exceed the sixty years, both surviving the group they go to the scene like two ready children to give the whole by the whole. Petulant Daltrey and sends the microphone to give returns so that it seems that it is going to split head open to somebody, while Townshend demonstrates so that she is a legendary guitarist. Between the musicians it emphasized the wonderful work of Zak Starkey, nothing less than the son of Ringo Starr, in his work on the drums.

The concert began, as in them he is habitual, with “I can´t explain”, and in fact there were few changes with respect to which they offered month of July the past. Of the new album, less known by the presents, they fell “Fragments”, “The man in a purple dress”, “Mike post theme” and “Tea & Theatre”. The rest was a festival of those songs that last in the time and with that the public, always enthusiastic, feels that the trifles bristle to them: “My generation”, “Behind blue”, “Won´t get fooled again”, “The kids are alright”, “Substitute”, “Pinball wizard”… 

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