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Caught Live: The Who in Madrid 

May 19, 2007 

MOMENTS before THE WHO took to the stage on the second night of their European tour, PETE TOWNSHEND confided that he was nervous.

The band’s last-outing in the Spanish capital was so glorious he didn’t know whether they could ever top it.

Two hours later he must have wondered why he ever doubted himself.

The passing years are evident on the faces of Pete and singer ROGER DALTREY and in the fact that JOHN ENTWISTLE and KEITH MOON are no longer on stage with them.

But when they play, the remaining half of The Who are as good as ever.

Their second stadium tour in two years – soon to take in Wembley Arena – sees a huge screen behind the band showing footage from the past.

It’s hard to take your eyes off the frontmen though, as Pete windmills and Roger throws his mic around like it was still the 1960s.

At one point during Who Are You the power goes off but instead of getting angry the crowd just sing the chorus over and over until the band are able to play the last few bars to huge applause.

It summed up the gig.

It’s hard to remember seeing an audience with so much respect for the act on stage. 

New and rare tracks are met with ovations, while the Spanish go fist-pumping mad for classic hits like Can’t Explain, My Generation, Baba O'Riley and the excellent Pinball Wizard.

Roger also confided something before the concert. He told me: “We can’t go on for many more years.

“One day this big show will give us up. It won’t be that we decide not to do it again. It will decide that it won’t do us again. “ 

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