Whotabs updates for May 19

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Here are the latest updates at Whotabs for 19 May 2007:

Tablature updates

    * Overture (Live) ~Updated: Typo corrected, thanks John C.
     * There's A Doctor (Bass–Live) ~Updated: Added repeat, thanks to 
John C.
     * Goin' Fishin' ~New: Transcription for organ arranged for guitar, 
from Big T.
     * A Man In A Purple Dress ~ Revision: Corrected time signature, 
thanks to Yusof Becker
     * Real Good Looking Boy ~ Revision: Corrected end-of-bridge chords, 
thanks to Sameer Barua

Site and information updates

Pete's gear:
    * Fender Eric Clapton Stratocasters ~Updated
    * Fender Vibro King amplifiers ~Updated
     * Harmony H1270 12-string acoustic guitar ~Updated, thanks to Dave 
     * Smashed guitars ~Updated: Updates to 5 November 1973 (C. Nurse) 
and to 22 November 1967 (Rob Ober)
     * Gibson Les Paul Deluxe ~Updated: Added details of the cherry 
sunburst Les Paul Deluxe that was auctioned by Christie's in 2005, 
thanks to Clint Nurse
     * Gibson SG Special ~Updated: Added details and pics of the Polaris 
White Gibson SG Special that was auctioned by Christie's in 2004, 
thanks to Clint Nurse

Keith's drumkits:
     * Borrowed kits – 1974 – Premier "Stardust" kit ~ Revision: Added 
info and pics of the kit Keith used in the film

"Stardust." Thanks to Rock Stars Guitars

John's bass guitars:
     * John's gear: 1999 Trace Elliot power amps ~Updated - Thanks to 
Ray Davis.

Whotabs can be found at www.thewho.net/whotabs/


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