Boston 2004 (was Lisbon Setlist)

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Change the headline because the Boston 2004 (was NOT the Lisbon setlist.
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> NE was played a couple of times in '06, apparently only after fans begged
for it before the encore.  LLR was NOT played > in the U.S. in '04.  There
were only 4-6 U.S. shows that tour, and LLR wasn't in the setlists.  LLR WAS
played in '04 in a > show or two outside the U.S., hence my frustration.

> Where was LAFK played in '04? NYC? I know ICSFM was in Boston #1.

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<LLR *was* played at Mansfield, MA in '04.  I was there.  NE wasn't played
all that much in Europe last year, either.  Probably more than it was in the
US, though, I'll admit.

LAFK '04 was also Mansfield, MA.>

Hi Jim M and All,

I was there, too!  Here's the set list, scrawled on the back of my "Happy 
Birthday, Pete!" sign.  (The concert was 5/20/04, better late than never!)

WAY, Baba O, ICE, LLR, BBE, 5:15, Punk & GodF, LRO'M, Emin Frt, YBYB, RGLB, 
Substitute, LAFK, Magic Bus, My Gen, TKAA, ORW, WGFA....."exstranumre!": PW, 
AZ/Sparks, See Me/LTY

Ahh, the memories.  Thanks for the reminder.


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