Smashed Guitar?

FlashGordon rgordon1276 at
Fri May 18 17:13:40 CDT 2007

It's not clear from the TheWho Forum review that Pete actually smashed the
guitar.  Here's the whole thing:

"Firstly the arena wasn't full, it wasn't a sell out and thus despite
getting in a little late halfway through the warm up I was able to get a
front row place directly infront of Pete. And with the proximity of the
barrier to the stage that was very close.

Both Pete and Roger were enthused with energy and really did go for it: on
seeing the sparse audience I was afraid that they might take a look and
think sod that but no, the set with Tommy encore was +/- 2 hours.

Roger was full of the mike twirling antics and Pete didn't let up on the
guitars and in fact with one acustic got really angry and started smashing
it up, hammering it with his fist at the end of one track, banging it on the
floor and I though he really would break the neck at one stage. Shades of
the old days or just annoyed with it being out of tune?

There really was a sense of interaction between the audience and Pete and
Roger, both talking to members of the crowd and getting them involved.
Rogers voice is still good though perhaps not able to reach the extremes any
more, as was Pete singing solo with the acustic guitar.

Coming from the Brighton area it was great to see all the multimedia
backgrounds from Quadrophenia.

I was with a couple from San Francisco who had seen them a number of times
and perhaps the best performance was with the Clash in the 70s. He said that
Starkey was excellent and definitely Moon's influence is clear on him. I
thought he really enjoyed being behind the drums and gave it his all. Being
mid thirties myself I noticed both young and old in the audience and it was
the younger crowd who sang along.

I can die happy now, and I had said that if I ever saw the Who in concert
I'd never want to see another gig. The day after: I will never go and see
another concert, unless the Who. They really were great and I loved the

Sorry that this isn't a great review, I'm not a journalist but those of you
with tickets in hand, based on last nights performance, you are in for a

Roger, Pete, if you do read this forum I just want to thank you for a
fantastic night. Pure class.

They weren't just warming up or playing by numbers this was the real thing.
It wasn't the Valley or Shea Stadium, it was Lisbon but they really went for
it and it was worth every penny: 35 euros per ticket."

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