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Fri May 18 11:30:36 CDT 2007

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> I disagree.  This song is maybe the best pure live selection The Who has.
It's pumped with energy and brings it out of both > the band and audience.
Pino should have no problem with it.

It requires Pino to be aggessively out front more than any other song in
their catalogue.  That is not something he's been very eager to do.  But,
who knows.  Maybe it'll force him out of his shell.

> NE was played a couple of times in '06, apparently only after fans begged
for it before the encore.  LLR was NOT played > in the U.S. in '04.  There
were only 4-6 U.S. shows that tour, and LLR wasn't in the setlists.  LLR WAS
played in '04 in a > show or two outside the U.S., hence my frustration.

LLR *was* played at Mansfield, MA in '04.  I was there.  NE wasn't played
all that much in Europe last year, either.  Probably more than it was in the
US, though, I'll admit.

> Where was LAFK played in '04? NYC? I know ICSFM was in Boston #1.

LAFK '04 was also Mansfield, MA.

Jim M

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