Set list from Lisbon

Martin Bailey mbailey at
Fri May 18 08:48:22 CDT 2007

Jim M said;

> > zat true? I thought he gave that up. y know, he donated his "last ever 
> > smashed guitar" for charity.. 
> I'd like more details on this, too.

That does it!  I'm going call my brother-in-law about this tonight.

> > "Excluded from the setlist were such classics as 'Pictures of Lily' and 
> > 'Substitute'." 
> Probably true, Martin. But, why single out a song they haven't played since, 
> when, the Fillmore days?

PoL is probably just a favourite of this Portuguese critic.  Funny how every reviewer has their own particular Who song which they were hoping to hear live.

A few days ago, I was seriously wondering if they were going to stick Happy Jack into the setlist.  They are playing the Isle of Man, at the end of the month, after all.

They wouldn't have the vocal harmonies of, say, the single version; but Roger could sing it in a new nasty/snarling way; this could give the song a new slant.  Like Roger's standing on the beach, on the Isle of Man, jealously watching Jack's happy, simple life.

LOL @ Herbal tea, btw.


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