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The Who, slow retirement 
Pete Townshend (62) and Roger Daltrey (63), the survivors, maintain the nerve rocker 
To the 20 minutes of show, the scare: the light went away while they interpreted `Who Are You' 


MADRID. - Pete Townshend turns 62 years tomorrow. At first he could be confused with the typical British pensioner of passage by Madrid and to Torremolinos. He is almost deaf and his new `hobbie' is to go over old times that store for their book of memories. But on the stage he is another one.

With each blow to his guitar polishes the skin to him and the eyes shine to him. Seeing make it his famous windmills almost it could seem that through him it has not spent the time. Roger Daltrey (63 springs), on the other hand, has been to years and years deceiving to us: it seems that it is going to lose the voice at any time but the case is that always arrives. The Who, one of the groups that defined the rock of the 60 and the 70, does not want nor to hear speak of retirement.

Therefore, those were mistaken that thought that this band no longer gave more of itself after the death of the basist John Entwistle in 2002 (to the purest style rock and roll: hotel of luxury in Las Vegas, putas, cocaine…). Townshend and Daltrey, leaders and only survivors of the original formation, still waste nerve and intensity. In Madrid they have twice demonstrated it in 10 months, both before 10,000 people.

The concert of served yesterday to present/display its last disc officially, `Endless Wire'. The comparison with his acclaimed recital is made inevitable the past of 27 of July. It has not rained as much, after all. And in addition they repeated scene, the Palacio de los Deportes of Madrid. That day they appeared, finally, before the Spanish public and prevailed with `set' in its great successes. “The best concert of all our new era”, wrote Townshend in his blog.

The exposition was similar to the one of the last year, but he was one or two steps underneath. And in addition they had some problems of sound. Most remarkable it happened during `Who Are You', when as soon as 20 minutes of recital took: the light went suddenly of the scene and let sound the instruments. They were the eight longer minutes at night.

Already with electricity, a very reliable band - with Zak Starkey (drums) and Pino Palladino (bass) impeccable in the rate he defended with rancor the new compositions, but the public received them from cold form: `Man in a Purple Dress' and `Mike Post Theme' (both of `Endless Wire') happened of length with more pain than glory, like the Eighties `Eminence Front', of the album `It' s Hard' (the worse disc of The Who). Another one but: the projections. Times were obvious, other nostalgic and others laughing stocks, but never original.

Throwing of classic

All the opposite happened with his more mythical subjects, than they returned to be ample majority in `setlist': they opened with `I Can't Explain' and already they had to all the fiftyish ones in the pocket. Soon `Behind Blue Eyes', `Substitute' (whose letter sounds ironic today), `My Generation', `Won`t Get Fooled Again', enormous `Baba O' Riley' were falling and, already in you encore them, `The Kids Are Alright' (great hymn `mod') and `Pinball Wizard'. Almost all the essential ones.

The Who was not below the awaited thing, because it would be a crime to request more delivery to them to these sexagenarians, after all. It was a concert more than correct to which it needed something of edge, something of rage. That yes, each windmill of Townshend and each howl of Daltrey in `Won't Get Fooled Again' give back the faith to us in the third age of rock. Although it only is for that reason, that fulfills many more and than it is on the scenes. 

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