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Thu May 17 19:25:27 CDT 2007

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> But, more importantly, check out this snippet from a posted fan review:
> "The band that today gives three subjects for the generic of the three
> different series of C.S.I touched barely two hours, with taste and
> pleasantness and gave to the public everything what will he want to see,
> hear and feel. Did not it lack the flying microphone of Roger Daltrey, the
> presence "cool" of Smokes Townshend and his characteristic movement of the
> windmill, a broken guitar and to a flag raised by both in the end of the
> concert. "

That's one of those funky translations, too.  Check out these other lines 
from that article:

""Who Plows You" was the theme for be installed the euphoria. "
""Drool THE Riley" that collected the reward for the time being of the 

WPY?  DTR????

>>And what does "Of it are of the alignment had been classic as "Pictures of
>>Lily"" mean???
> That was the first song I looked for in the set list and was quite bummed 
> it
> wasn't there.

Same here!

> Would love to hear that live in concert.

Roger sang it on his solo tour in 1985.  That was one of the highlights of 
the show for me.

Jim M 

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