In The Ether...Rabbit on the piano?

Kevin and Tania O'Neal kevinandt at
Thu May 17 19:38:31 CDT 2007

>Jim M nakedi
>In The Ether...Rabbit on the piano?
>Long Live Rock have posted a setlist that, as I expected, does not include
>In The Ether.

No one likes a smarty-pants!

>We haven't really talked about The Real Me making the set for the first 
>without John.  I hope Pino brought his A game.

A game?
What A game?
Was it just me,  or was Pete kind of busting on Pino in a recent 
interview...stating something to the effect that Pino is *finally* getting 
Or was that what I wrote?
I could swear Pete was busting on him a bit (followed by his obligatory 

Kevin in VT 

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