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> Nope.  And he'll never catch Pete because Pete's view is too  large.  I 
> don't 
> see any Tommys in the WS catalogue. No one is in their  league.
> But on the other hand, musically, Jack White has figured out a way to  
> sustain production of great rock songs and unique albums in an age where 
> rock  was 
> supposed to be dead -without resorting to being some kind of  metal-head. 
> What 
> he does, he does on purpose. I'm fascinated by his work  ethic. This guy 
> writes hit songs that stand the test of time and he  keeps doing it. Plus, 
> he has 
> something to say. And live? That's the  test of a real band.  This is where 
> they shine.
> Icky Thump is unique;  just like all WS songs are.  What two are  the same?  
> Who two Who songs are the same?  
> Marvelous.

I couldn't have said it better. and I can't. : ) 

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