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Thu May 17 09:03:57 CDT 2007

>> sorry pete, but
>>Jack seems to be WAAY  ahead of you.

>But is he ahead of where Pete was when Pete was  Jack's age (31)?
Nope.  And he'll never catch Pete because Pete's view is too  large.  I don't 
see any Tommys in the WS catalogue. No one is in their  league.
But on the other hand, musically, Jack White has figured out a way to  
sustain production of great rock songs and unique albums in an age where rock  was 
supposed to be dead -without resorting to being some kind of  metal-head. What 
he does, he does on purpose. I'm fascinated by his work  ethic. This guy 
writes hit songs that stand the test of time and he  keeps doing it. Plus, he has 
something to say. And live? That's the  test of a real band.  This is where 
they shine.
Icky Thump is unique;  just like all WS songs are.  What two are  the same?  
Who two Who songs are the same?  
Jon in Mi.
Interviewer: "Jack, will this be the last WS album?"
Jack to Meg: "They keep asking us this. I think they want us to  stop!"

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