Ichy Age Wizard

Chris Frate cfrate at roadrunner.com
Thu May 17 00:26:44 CDT 2007

I never tire of Pinball Wizard. It is one of the most unique songs in rock.

-Chris in Cleveland

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>>Subject: Re: icky thump (sort of off topic)
>>> I'd argue that if Pete had put this out, there would be many of us
> who
>>> would state that he has gone insane.
>>I wouldn't.  I like it when they "shake it up" a bit so to speak. I was
>>waiting for that on "endless wire" and didn't really find it myself.
> I hear you, but it's not even close to Pete's style.
> I find I have to remind myself that despite how much I want him to go
> nuts like back in the day, he's not 20 anymore.
> Quite to the contrary, he is nearing mid-60's and staring 70 in the
> eyes.
> He's also very entrenched in more "sophisticated" endeavors like plays,
> book writing, editing, etc.
> What is difficult to keep in focus is that we all "grow up" to varying
> degrees as we grow older.
> The rock torch is carried strong until about 40 (by the hardest of
> rockers) but after that even the hardest rockers start to lose their
> edge.  Worse yet, society as a whole starts to lose interest in old
> rockers, and finds it odd.  That's a tough mountain to get over.
> It is.....human nature.
> We all get tired.
> Energy is more difficult to find.
> Fear of looking like "a clown" sets in.
> Only the rare can buck the establishment for their entire lives.
> That said, I think Pete and The Who has done an admirable job so late in
> their careers.
> They've struck a balance between carrying the torch, and maintaining
> their dignity.
>>> I bet he even likes Pinball Wizard.
>>"pinball wizard" is a song I hear alot and, have to admit, grow tired
> of, but it's
>>not bad though. as a song in and of itself.
> Exactly.
>>From: "Jim M" <nakedi at comcast.net>
>>Subject: Re: icky thump (sort of off topic)
>>> Kevin in VT
>>> P.S.  Who *doesn't* like Pinball Wizard.
>>I think you meant to end that with a question mark.
> Thanks for noticing!
> But, nope.
> I was making a statement about how The Who feels about the song.
> Me personally, I'm with Ernie on this one.  I like it, but hear it so
> much.
> And, as documented, I see it as Pete's greatest sellout.
> Kevin in VT
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