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Wed May 16 17:04:09 CDT 2007

Raining like a mother here in Suburban Philly.

Funny you should mention Quad on this leg of their *endless* tour.

Love Reign O'er Me is what I'm thinking about.

 From wikipedia:

"Love, Reign o'er Me" is the final song from 
<>The Who's second rock 
opera, <>Quadrophenia, 
and has been a concert staple for years.

The single release is shorter than the album track, missing the 
introductory rolling surf sound and the first piano intro and tympani 
and gong crash, slightly different sequence of the lyrics and ends on 
string synthesizers with piano rather than the drum solo, guitar, 
gong and brass explosion as on the album.

The song concerns the main character, Jimmy, having a personal crisis 
and stealing a boat to go off to a small island.

As <>Pete Townshend 
described the song:
" [It] refers to <>Meher 
Baba's one time comment that rain was a blessing from 
<>God; that thunder was God's 
Voice. It's another plea to drown, only this time in the rain. Jimmy 
goes through a suicide crisis. He surrenders to the inevitable, and 
you know, you know, when it's over and he goes back to town he'll be 
going through the same shit, being in the same terrible family 
situation and so on, but he's moved up a level. He's weak still, but 
there's a strength in that weakness. He's in danger of maturing.

Joe in Philly

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