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> I hear you, but it's not even close to Pete's style.
> I find I have to remind myself that despite how much I want him to go
> nuts like back in the day, he's not 20 anymore.
> Quite to the contrary, he is nearing mid-60's and staring 70 in the
> eyes.
> He's also very entrenched in more "sophisticated" endeavors like plays,
> book writing, editing, etc.

well, the stones' latest album sounded really good. rockin' stuff on that 
one. they're around pete's age.   I agree that pete's interests are drifting to 
books and more sophisticated writing and all that, but if that's the case, then 
why go back to the who in the first place? his interests have been there for 
quite a long time now and, like I've said on here, I believe it was roger that 
practically forced pete into getting back with the who again and I still 
think "endless wire" should've been billed as a townshend solo album. sorry if you 
disagree, but that's just how I feel. 

interest in "older rockers" don't usually drift. once again, the stones are a 
great example of that. do they still 'rock hard" at their age? I believe so.  
 I know, they may tend to use screens and all that now onstage, but I know a 
certain other band that does the same thing nowadays... 

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